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120 Introduction to Political Science Assignment

120 Introduction to Political Science - Assignment Example For instance, in some countries the voting process is flared due to political interference with the body in charge of the elections. The current political leaders in such countries might not be willing to relinquish power even after being defeated hence rigging their opponents out. Therefore, the results of the voting process might not reflect the true value of the voting process hence an individual’s vote might not count nor add to the change process. In contrast, participation in a group gives that sense of satisfaction and the motivation to push on even if you fail. As much as it is a risky and demanding process-especially in a heated political society-There are several groups that have succeeded in bringing changes in their communities. For instance, Martin Luther King was active in fighting against racial discrimination in the US and he died for what he believed in. It is worth noting that some countries with stable election structures experience the true value of the voting process. Corporatism is the socio-political organization of a society by major interest groups or corporate groups such as agricultural, business, ethnic, labor, scientific affiliation or military on the basis of common interests. It is theoretically based upon the interpretation of a community as an organic body. Corporatism is an economic ideology developed mostly in Europe where the influence of the Catholic Church and of the authoritarian conservative state was strongest. However, this political and economic ideology has experienced decline in many European countries and as a result, capitalism and communism has taken center stage. This is because, corporatism maintains and reinforces social cleavages in addition to the fact that it is very sensitive to employment conditions and demographics. Most economies that have adapted corporatism are characterized by high labor

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Tips For Writing Term Papers

Tips For Writing Term PapersThere are a lot of reasons why you might be interested in taking up term papers. Some people like to do it because they want to be able to continue on with their education without having to stop and re-take classes, but there are also others who enjoy the challenge of taking on a topic that they are not completely familiar with. Whatever your reason is, here are some tips for writing the term papers of your dreams.It helps to get an idea of what you are trying to accomplish when you start out writing term papers. If you are writing about someone, their personality, or their personality in a certain situation, make sure you already know about their particular style of behavior, or what kind of pet they have, or what their favorite color is. These things can be listed out as well in the term paper.Writing about something you are familiar with can actually help you keep a general idea of the general type of subject matter that the papers will cover. You'll ha ve more creative freedom to show how you think in the documents, and you won't be stuck using words that you're not familiar with if you try to write with too much authority.One thing that you should always remember when you write term papers is that the more abstract you get, the easier it is to stick to the theme of the paper. Keep it as simple as possible, but make sure it still contains at least some kind of information. This is so that you don't have to throw away a good idea because you can't make it into an interesting sentence.Start writing your essays the night before. If you are not used to writing on the computer, then you will probably have some difficulty getting started with a project at the end of the night. For this reason, it would be better to keep your entire project separate from the rest of your papers, and just write the entire assignment once and save it off to the computer.It is easy to find articles that give tips for writers, but in case you do not have one you can learn from, this is one good place to start. When you get to that point, you will know exactly what you are trying to do with your term papers, and you will find out if the step up to writing these essays is worth it.After you have written a few essays, it is time to take them to an editor. The editor will grade the essays, either hard or easy, depending on the extent of the projects on which they were written.

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Martin Luther and the German Reformation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Martin Luther and the German Reformation - Essay Example Sexual immorality among clergy was common. Lay people had little knowledge about their faith and many clerics were poorly prepared for their task, having obtained posts by buying them or nepotism. Catholic believers often had a lack of assurance about their own salvation. There were also problems with authority - church or state, which should prevail? Papal authority was challenged and a desire for reform became general. When it did come it was certainly in part due to theological differences, but the power vacuum that existed in Europe at the time, with doubts as to who was really in charge, played its part too. Printing was becoming widespread and with it new ideas soon spread too, including some that could be described as revolutionary. The Papacy Giovanni de Medici had achieved the Papacy in 1513 as Leo X. Within 2 years he had used up the funds in the papal treasury, in particular on extensive building schemes and as sponsor of artists. Seeking ever more funds he began to sell o ffices within the church, creating 31 new cardinals for instance and living a life of absolute luxury. Printing was becoming widespread, but the Vatican was a strong censor, only allowing documents they approved of. At the ending of the Lateran Council in 1517 a prophecy was made by Pico della Mirandola , a lay man ( cited on ‘Origins of the Reformation’, undated) . This had stated that if the pope did not heal the wounds of the church then God would act and remove the rotten limbs. Instead, in order to raise funds for the construction of St Peter’s in Rome, Leo made matters worse by instigating a huge sale of indulgences. An indulgence can be defined as payment a sinner must make to God. Luther was more concerned with an individual’s faith in God’s gift of salvation rather than the length of his purse. Luther In October 1517 Martin Luther, then an Augustinian monk, was a doctor of theology and a professor of Biblical studies at the University of Wi ttenberg. He was a man who thought deeply about his faith and finally reached the point where he rejected all church practices based solely upon tradition and not upon the true nature of God. At this point he came up with 95 theses which he made public by sticking them on the door of the church in Wittenburg. (Stupperich, The History of Christianity, 1977, page 362). This act was the spark which lit the fires of reform already prepared by his predecessors such as Wycliffe and Has. He was not only letting people know what he thought , but was openly challenging the Church. He refused to recant and in 1519 , according to Stuppervich ( page 362, denied the papacy’s authority. In 1521 he was finally excommunicated. Luther was attacking certain practises, including the sale of indulgences, but was really attacking the wealth of the church in material terms, which contrasted with the truths of the Gospels. Luther was forced to flee from Wittenberg , but returned in 1522 in order to try and bring some calm to the reformers there. He began to reform church services, introducing a freer way of worship rather than the rather rigid ways that had become normal practice. He saw salvation as being up to God, not the following of particular practices. It seems likely that Luther wanted reform rather than revolution, but his followers took things rather further than he had originally envisaged. That being said by 1537 he

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New Article Reveals the Low Down on Research Paper Topics about Robots and Why You Must Take Action Today

New Article Reveals the Low Down on Research Paper Topics about Robots and Why You Must Take Action Today Finding the Best Research Paper Topics about Robots It addresses the building of robots that could act and work like human beings. Despite some claims made for the upcoming evolution of artificial intelligence, computers are most likely to remain calculating machines without the capacity to think or create for a very long moment. The large part of the industrial robots being used on earth today are observed in Japan. They are usually used at industries. On the flip side, if we take the illustration of the movie AI, artificial intelligence, the growth of the machine will cause a robot who can love, therefore contributing to peace on earth, not war. Research Paper Topics about Robots - the Conspiracy If you want to produce the superior essay on microeconomics topics all on your own, the very first place you should search is the internet. It's possible to contact us for an y sort of thesis-related help on at least one of these topics. Don't neglect to pick a topic that interest you. The Research Paper Topics about Robots Chronicles You'll quickly discover that a tiny discussion can go quite a way. Think that it over you'll discover a whole lot of good ideas! If you're writing about social problems, you will usually be writing about the way the topic affects larger groups of people, like how poverty affects a whole generation. A great deal of individuals feel overwhelmed with the idea of creating an eBook. And various websites on the net. The Advantages of Research Paper Topics about Robots It gives computers the capacity to understand human speech. The secret to perfect gift giving is to regard the graduate. To get started researching local problems, head straight to local newspapers and internet sources. There are varieties of basketball courts but be sure you're likely to find the maximum high quality court for your boy or girl. With perso nalized jerseys of the NFL, you are certain that you've got the ideal design. And perhaps above all, gathering information from reviews by actual owners will provide you with the ideal opportunity to select a make and model that you're going to be pleased with for decades. Using NFL jerseys is quite common. Locating a cheap NFL jersey has been a daunting undertaking for a lot of the hardcore fans regardless of the team they support for. Severe acne can result in a formation of large pimples that go deep within the epidermis. Not merely in the home, but in the schools too, it's extremely important to keep a good hygiene condition. The hygiene is dependent on various ailments. Definitions of Research Paper Topics about Robots The very first layer comprises the input neurons. Many other types of sensors can likewise be set on robots. In the approaching time, this technology will be put into place in virtually every application and device. The Fight Against Research Paper T opics about Robots Vacuuming is only the start. There's no denying to the simple fact that Artificial Intelligence will have a tremendous effect in our everyday life. How to Choose Research Paper Topics about Robots This is also a terrific benefit if you have children! An actual android would also need to house or be related to the computer-equivalent of a human brain. It is a means to meet new individuals, too. They might be on anything particularly if you're a college student. Robots have the capacity to learn from their experience. Statistics play a vital part in data mining procedure. Computing skills are frequently used in day-to-day pursuits. Research Paper Topics about Robots Ideas They may consist of technological advances like radio control, but for the large part they can only execute an established routine of entertaining but otherwise useless actions. A shadow box is an excellent method to display larger dog-related items that won't match in a normal frame . Attempt to prepare a backyard court.

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Reliable Tips for Steps of Essay Writing You Can Begin to Use Immediately

Reliable Tips for Steps of Essay Writing You Can Begin to Use Immediately The Chronicles of Steps of Essay Writing Because of this from using our services, you will get a custom-written paper it is possible to use for your own purposes. For example, if your process essay is all about making the very best shepherd's pie, consider drafting a paragraph on how best to make the filling below and another paragraph on how best to create good mashed potatoes in addition to the lamb filling below. For this reason, you shouldn't wait until customer support will get in touch with your writer and you'll get a response. You have to incorporate the setting. The second body paragraph will stick to exactly the same format as the very first body paragraph. Then ask yourself whether you want to compose a conclusion tying everything together. The next step would be to take out the egg mix from heat and after that continue stirring eggs for around 30 seconds. Still, there's not a thing you can do proper formatting is a portion of your grade. Steps of Essay Writing at a Glance So long as you know the fundamental steps of essay writing, you ought to be well-equipped to deal with any essay topic. Using counter-arguments in your essays serves quite a few purposes. There are broadly four kinds of essays. Formal essays are usually academic in nature and tackle significant topics. You see, the conventions of English essays are somewhat more formulaic than you may think and, in lots of ways, it can be as easy as counting to five. Essays are extremely personalized. Essays and research papers can invoke large amounts of tension and anxiety. Academic writing is something which could be quite intimidating, especially if you aren't utilised to it. Writing an academic essay is something that is quite regimented, so it's simple enough to pick up what's needed. Students are requested to explain, comment on, or assess a subject of study in the shape of an essay. Remember that the outline simply serves as the guide to for the essay and isn't the essay itself. Once you get your outline, you are able to keep on track and compose a well-organized essay. The first thing you will need to concentrate on is to make an outline for the essay. The more detailed your outline is, the simpler it is going to be to compose your essay. As soon as you understand what your essay should address, spend a small time brainstorming ideas. Subsequently, essay was defined in many different ways. The essay offers you an opportunity to reveal how effectively it's possible to read and comprehend a passage and compose an essay analyzing the passage. A persuasive essay has to be well organized. What You Should Do to Find Out About Steps of Essay Writing Before You're Left Behind Therefore, the audience selection is critical to writing process essay. If you haven't been assigned a topic, you have a bit more work to do. You might have your topic assigned, or you could be given free reign to write on the topic of your selection. Quite frequently, the very best topic is one which you truly care about, but you also will need to get well prepared to research it. There's rules to follow for each different kind of essay, and it can be tough to keep all of them in order. After making an outline, it's wise to begin writing the application essay. The outline isn't always right, it's merely short-term. If at all possible, be certain you incorporate an image of the said object you're planning to use if you wish to publish the said essay online. In the event you're indecisive to pay a person to compose your essay, explore other facets of our websites or contact our support team for any extra guidelines. Getting capable of seeing the present assignment as a portion of the bigger whole is something which can help you understand things in the course for a whole. You might also want to incorporate a brief discussion of more research that needs to be completed in light of your work. When you have determined the purpose, you'll need to do a little research on topics which you find intriguing.

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Fame in Cinema and Television Essay Example for Free

Fame in Cinema and Television Essay The â€Å"star phenomenon† began in theatrical advertising of certain actors’ names in the 1820s. It was not immediately transferred to Hollywood, nor to the many other film industries developing in parallel across the glove. Hollywood studios at first, from about 1909 to 1914, ignored â€Å"stars† – actors in whose offscreen lifestyle and personalities audiences demonstrated a particular interest. This was partly because of the costs involved in â€Å"manufacturing stardom† on a scale which the studies could translate into measureable box-office revenue, and for fear of the power which stars might then wield. Stars need all kinds of resources lavished on their construction such as privileged access to screen and narrative space, to lighting, to the care of costumers, make-up workers, voice coaches, personal trainers, etc. , as well as to audience interest through previews, supply of publicity materials, etc. Skillful casting is also important, though rarely discussed in work on stars, perhaps because it is seen to detract from the star’s own intentions in a performance. Key career decisions involve a star’s choice of casting agency or the choices made by a particular film’s casting director. Once established, the star system worked lucratively for the studios. Stars were used as part of the studio’s â€Å"branding† or promise of certain kinds of narrative and production values. They were useful in â€Å"differentiating† studios’ films. Stars were literally part of the studio’s capital, like plant and equipment, and could be traded as such. James Stewart, making an interesting comparison with sports celebrities, said once â€Å"Your studio could trade you around like ball player like when I was traded once to Universal for the use of their back lot for three weeks. † Stars’ large salaries, said to be due to nebulous qualities such as â€Å"talent† or â€Å"charisma†, worked to negate the powers of acting unions, who might otherwise have been able to calculate acting labor and ask for more equal distribution of profits (Branston and Stafford 2003). And stars have always functioned as a key part of Hollywood’s relationship to broader capitalist structures. In the 1930s, for example, over-production of manufactured goods had reached crisis point in North America, and the large banks funding Hollywood sought its help in shifting goods from warehouses to consumers. In addition to this, the celebrity is part of the public sphere, essentially an actor or, to use Robert Altman’s 1992 film characterization of Hollywood denizens, a â€Å"player. † In the contemporary public sphere, divisions exist between different types of players: politicians are made to seem distinctly different from entertainment figures; businesspeople are distinguished from sports stars. And yet in the mediated representation of this panoply of players, they begin to blend together. Film stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger share the stage with politicians like George Bush; Gorbachev appears in a film by Wenders; Michael Jackson hangs out on the White House lawn with Ronald Reagan; Nelson Mandela fills an entire issue of Vogue. The celebrity is a category that identifies these slippages in identification and differentiation. Leadership, a concept that is often used to provide a definitional distance from vulgarity of celebrity status, provides the last discursive location for understanding the public individual. The argument I want to advance here is that in contemporary culture, there is a convergence in the source of power between the political leader and other forms of celebrity. Both are forms of subjectivity that are sanctioned by the culture and enter the symbolic realm of providing meaning and significance for the culture. The categorical distinction of forms of power is dissolving in favor of a unified system of celebrity status, in which the sanctioning of power is based on similar emotive and irrational, yet culturally deeply embedded, sentiments (Marshall 1997). Of course, depending on the type of media where actors and actresses appear, their power and charisma varies. In addition to this, depending on the type of media used, individual’s star quality or qualities of being a celebrity varies. On television, an individual can become a star without ceasing to be his or her anonymous self, because the medium celebrates innocuous, domestic normality. Once on the â€Å"The Tonight Show† Jack Paar maddened the studio audience by attentively quizzing one of its number and ignoring Cary Grant, who’d been planted in the adjoining seats. As well as a practical joke, this was a boast of television’s license to bestow celebrity on those it promiscuously or fortuitously favors. But the medium can just as easily rescind that celebrity. Obsolescence is built into the television star, as it is into the sets themselves: hence those mournful commercials for American Express in which the celebrities of yesteryear- the man who lent his croaky voice to Bugs Bunny or a candidate for the Vice-Presidency in 1964- laud the company’s card, which restores to them an identity and a televisibility they’d forfeited. The game show contestants experience this brief tenure of television celebrity- Warhol’s fifteen minutes- at its most accelerated. But in order to quality for it, they have to surrender themselves to the medium. Their only way of winning games is to abase themselves, feigning hysteria on â€Å"The Price is Right,† exchanging sordid confidences on â€Å"The Newlywed Game,† incompetently acting out inane charades on Bruce Forsyth’s â€Å"Generation Game. † The cruelest of the games is â€Å"The Gong Show,† where one’s span of celebrity may not even extend to fifteen seconds. More or less, untalented contestants sing, dance, juggle or fiddle until the inevitable gong sends them back to nonentity. For some, the gong supervenes immediately. They’ve been warned this will happen, and coached to disappear with dignity, but are expected to go through with their act all the same and suffer their condemnation. Even a few seconds of television fame is worth the price of one’s self-esteem. The show pretends to be a talent quest, but is a smirking parody of that. The hosts on the game shows are, for similar reasons, parodies of geniality. A host soothes his guests and smoothes obstacles out of their way. But in homage to Groucho, the comperes subject their victims to a ritual humiliation, and their patter keeps the game-players throughout flinching and ill-at-ease (Conrad 1982). Television is good but may not be ideal for preserving important works. On the other hand, a good film can be shown anywhere in the world where there is an audience. Furthermore, the cinema will turn actors and actresses into stars. There are many well-known television actors and actresses, but they have no international fame like their big-screen counterparts. Films together with film magazines contribute directly to the formation of a star system and its attendant mythology. The stars perceived themselves to be, and were in turn also used as, icons for a modern lifestyle, especially fashion (Zhang 2005). They are given greater chances to achieve or receive international awards and become known not only in a particular state but to the whole world, unlike in the case of television stars. Those famous actors who appeared on television ten years ago have now vanished due either to lot or disintegrated videotape or a lack of interest by the contemporary audience. In Africa, there was a necessity to build more cinema theaters, instead of enforcing further use of television, because it was helping them to maintain a viable film industry. In Iran, they have more than 150 cinema houses. Their industry if progressing because they have a loyal audience who make it possible to recuperate money invested in production, which in turn is invested in the making of new films (Ukadike 2002). As a whole, it can be said that fame in cinema is more lasting than fame in television. In addition to this, the stars or celebrities appearing on cinemas rather than on televisions are the ones who are more favored by producers and stockholders. Moreover, they are preferred than the television stars to be used in magazines, especially if it is an international magazine. As such, the lifestyle of actors and actresses in cinemas are greater than those who only appear in television shows. The cinema industry as well as its actors and actresses are greatly favored and nowadays, more specifically preferred by a good number of the countries. Bibliography BRANSTON, GILL and STAFFORD, ROY, The Media Students Book (USA: Routledge, 2003). CONRAD, PETER, Television (USA: Routledge, 1983). MARSHALL, P. DAVID, Celebrity and Power: Fame in Contemporary Culture (Minneapolis: Regents of the University of Minnesota, 1997). UKADIKE, NWACHUKWU FRANK, Questioning African Cinema (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2002). ZHANG, ZHEN, An Amorous History of the Silver Screen (London: University of Chicago Press, 2005).

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Letters From A War Zone :: essays research papers

"Letters from a War Zone" deals with the controversy between men and women banning pornography. In this essay there are many strong personal views on pornography and the brutality of women in porn. Men and women have been at war for many years because of this. I agree with banning pornography because pornography lures men into disrespecting women. This essay makes me angry because it shows another part of life that is really not acknowledged. It seems realistic to me because many women in life are confronted with sex at an early age and become vulnerable. The unique thing that reaches me is how women do not have a choice, especially when it comes down to sex. Vulnerability is one of a woman's weaknesses. Pornography is degrading to women when it is forced upon them. If sex were done for pleasure or because the women wanted to, it would not be as bad. That is how many women are raped, killed or lose their confidence. Women in pornography were typically prostitutes at one-point. Due to statistics, more than half the women in a sex-related professions have been sexually abused, molested or raped at one time during their lies. The quote stated in this essay that really hits home is "Made in South America where life is cheap." I, as a Hispanic, am terribly offended by this statement. This statement basically says that South America has many lowlives', and that anything can happen to them because life there is worth very little. For example the women of South America are used in Snuff films and in explicit photographs. Snuff is a film that consists of a woman being sexually harassed, raped, and killed. In many of these films/photos the women are brutalized to the point where their breasts are dismantled and their bodies are urinated on after they are raped and killed. There are photographs in which women's breasts are slammed in rat traps, their vaginas are stuffed with knives, guns, and even glass, and then they are gang-banged, beaten, and tortured. Snuff films are usually made in South America because, as said in the statement above, life is not worth much there. "If you are going to hurt a women in the United States be sure to photograph it" is a controversial statement used in this essay. Its means that if you have slain, hurt, or abused a woman it is all right, as long you have taken a picture. The photograph expresses a point of view, sacrosanct in a free society. When these picture/films are being taken the woman is forced to smile. This will make the picture/films protected by the constitution,